From Principal's Desk

   Greetings to all.

Budding Buds Sr. Sec. School is a Day School located in the heart of Tinsukia town (Dist. & P.O. Tinsukia-786125, Assam, India). It is a very special school, made so by a tradition of educational excellence, which spans many years. Here, with the motto "Students First", we constantly stand by our commitment to always inculcate amongst our students, the ethics and the right code of conduct and a value system that is inherently Indian, symbolic of our rich heritage and culture and fused-in with a global outlook. Any experienced teacher can realise that in addition to touching the zenith of academic excellence if the fertile soil of the mind is enriched with the values of love, kindness and patience - the saplings of good education and character will grow into strong trees and bear good fruits ..... and, that is exactly what I and my colleagues endeavour over here.

At Budding Buds Sr. Sec. School, Tinsukia, Education for Life, Excellence in Education and Commitment to a meaningful Education are of prime importance. Quality education is provided to each and every child. We aim to provide students with an Innovative Academic Program in an inventive educational environment. We strive to create a perfect pathway for future global citizens rendering a curriculum inclusive of timeless ethics, experiential learning and a student centric state-of-the-art infrastructure. I would like to mention here that we have NEWLY CONSTRUCTED our ENTIRE (100%) INFRASTRUCTURE wef the year 2009, with spacious (500 sq. ft. class rooms) and more number of rooms and high class hygiene so as to cater to the latest needs of the students for many years to come. Presently the school offers only Commerce stream in the +2 level. However, other streams like Arts and Science are also in the pipeline.

A unidirectional teaching method is being increasingly substituted by a multidirectional group workshop method which helps us to assess in a better way and understand the Child's aptitude. Here the teacher becomes the facilitator initiating work, nurturing students without the phobia of examinations and homework. Development of oral and written expression is emphasized upon and behavioural development is also given equal importance. Home Assignments are not a carry-over of class-work but oriented towards honing individual talents.

Life Skills Education and CBSE's AEP and PEC Cards (British Council) has been introduced. CCE and Lateral Thinking Activities has been well implemented with success at all levels.

The school has a well-stocked library, well equipped Science and Computer labs. A new addition is the Home Science Lab where student hone their culinary skills under the supervision of experts.

The school encourages the children for participation in class activities; inter/intra house and inter/intra school competitions and cultural/physical/literary activities & Yog/Pranayam. Our school time table ensures daily Activity/Yog/Pranayam of 45 min as per the latest CBSE guidelines. A spacious and well equipped auditorium provides the perfect ambience for different events and activities.

The Board results in classes X and XII are always excellent and this year 12 students in class X and 16 students (37%) in class XII scored 90% and above in aggregate. 4 students received merit certificates in various subjects in class XII (AISSCE) and one student scored 100/100 in Accountancy.

As far as academics is concerned, our continuous wonderful, record-breaking and national level performance charts can be seen at the back pages of our annual magazine or in this website. It is said that 'Excellence is never granted to men but given as the reward of labour' . When I say so, I would like to mention that in our pursuit of this achievement, our teachers have played a very major role by way of their hard work and dedication, which is in fact centered on our commitment as education managers to contribute to your child's emotional, social, physical and intellectual development.

We focus on continual development and follow the dictum 'Sharpen the Saw'. A dedicated team of quality professionals has been appointed to assist students to achieve excellence in all fields. A large number of Workshops & Seminars are also conducted for the teachers for their continual professional development. Our aim is to keep the teachers equally motivated as the students because it is a fact that academic excellence can be achieved only through a combined effort of the teacher and the taught.


The world is changing fast and you will agree that if our trainers are not constantly trained so as to conceptualise them with the constantly changing techniques in the field of education, they may one day be extinct. It is said that 'change is the only thing that will never change'.

Some men see things as they are and ask why; I dream of things that never were and say why not ? Keeping exactly this thing in mind, in Budding Buds, several formal and informal in-service training programmes are conducted throughout the year. You will agree that today, there is a global deluge of information. We can neither afford to read everything there is to read, nor afford to ignore it wholesale. The trick is to be selective and read only the stuff that is important and relevant to us. In all our training sessions, we emphasise on the importance of executing ideas rather than just articulating them. It is fashionable to see ideas as an end in themselves without any focus on implementation and I strongly believe that articulation is not accomplishment enough. An assumed constraint is a belief you have, based on past experience. That limits your current and future experiences . As such our trainers (teachers) are always trained to cruise along without any assumed constraints .

I believe that every individual has the potential to perform if one gets proper motivation, the right opportunity and the freedom to work. After all, in the long run, success will be achieved only when ordinary people perform extraordinarily. I have a strong belief that given the right kind of inspiration, excitement and motivation that reaches the hearts and souls of people, even ordinary people can perform extraordinarily. This forms the core of our WORK CULTURE.


The culture that we have nurtured in our organisation provides excellent motivation to every individual to put in one's best performance in an enthusiastic and charged up environment, sans any fear of failure. Those who lag behind are counselled, encouraged, trained and appropriately motivated to do better. Constant communication on individual/group performance and School's overall performance keeps our teachers updated and motivated.

We fully appreciate that when employees understand the big picture, and are kept in the loop about performance and any new developments, they feel part of the organisation, and therefore, more involved, more excited, and more loyal to the organisation.

Our aim is to bring out worthy 'citizens of the world' who 'think Indian but act global'.

We have tried our best to incorporate as much information as possible on this website which will be useful for you as a parent or as a student or someone who has accidentally come across this site while browsing the net. I assure you that we will keep this site updated so that you will like visiting us frequently.


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