From Principal's Desk

Greetings from Budding Buds Sr. Sec. School!

It is my honor and privilege to be a part of this premier educational institute which has the distinction of being a pioneer in the field of girl child education in this region.

Budding Buds Sr.Sec. School is a very special place and we pride ourselves on partnering with families to create success for all students academically and socially.

Budding Buds Senior Secondary School has a long and proud history of excellence, high standards and values for each student in regard to academic performance, co-curricular participation, and responsible citizenship which are the foundations of our school. The school spends its time, resources, energy, etc. to mould students culturally, physically, socially and psychologically in order to serve others, the society and the country at large. They are encouraged to find happiness and joy in the service of their fellow citizens.

I feel proud to acknowledge the contribution of a highly qualified, dynamic and multi-talented faculty, non teaching staff and my students for taking the school towards the zenith of success. We have to continue to move ahead for producing and maintaining the best. Our team of very dedicated and experienced teachers work hard throughout the year with the students to provide them high quality educational experience in the form of debates,group discussions,workshops,cultural competitions,sports competitions and so on. The state-of-the-art infrastructure provides an excellent platform to hone and sharpen the latent skills and talents of our students.

The members of the school management committee have always provided constant guidance and support to the teachers, staff and students of the school to realize their potential and constantly endeavour towards excellence. Careful planning and good relationships between home and school can make a child’s experience in school an enjoyable one for all. Parents are welcome to become involved in their child’s educational journey by participating in school events and activities. I encourage the parents to see themselves as active partners in our learning community. We also welcome the participation of parents, grandparents,former students of the school and well wishers to provide supplementary learning opportunities for the children which helps the youngsters to prepare for a journey called life.

Budding Buds Sr. Sec. School offers every girl a stable environment in which to develop and grow as an individual.We provide each girl with the opportunity to discover and nurture her talents, accept responsibility and transform herself into a confident young woman who is equipped both mentally, physically and academically to face the future. Our school proudly maintains strong cultural traditions with an emphasis on self-motivation, high personal values, mutual respect and discipline. The school forbids corporal punishment and believes in a system of correction through counselling and other corrective measures.It has been our foremost priority to create such circumstance among the student where they can make optimum use of their talent to enhance their skills and emerge as global citizens with their feet firmly planted in the rich and diverse culture and tradition of our country.

I have no doubt in my mind that our students who leave BBSSS are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities that await them in life after school.

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With best wishes
Samiran Gogoi