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Dear Parent and Student

I am delighted that you all are considering Budding Buds for the educational odyssey. Education lays the foundation for life, and if we want to give our children the life changes they deserve then, we must provide a positive, rich experience to them. Our system must not fail anyone, we have to firmly live to our simple credo, “Each child is a winner” and so, our entire curriculum design is woven around it in both letter and spirit. Unraveling each child’s potential is our fundamental responsibility which will surely lead to the joy of schooling

Enjoyment, is yet another birth right of a child. Children learn better when they are excited and engaged when there is joy in learning, they learn to love learning. We welcome, all who wish to be our companion on this journey. Together let us embark on this magical odyssey of providing a wonderful future to our children. We guarantee that our students will enjoy a superiority complex in their status at any time on account of the exposure at Budding Buds. They will be street smart, people smart and at the same time a very good academic performance. A fine touch of communication skills add to the flavour of learning and presentation.

Needless to mention that the information age has resulted in an unprecedented number of daily exchanges through everything from voicemail and e-mail, internet to cellphones, videoconferencing and intranets. While technology is more sophisticated than ever, people using these advanced tools must themselves be skilled communicators or the message is lost.

Dear Students, I am conscious that you must be earnestly busy in preparing for Annual examinations. So far examinations are concerned, I will not dwell on this again as I am confident in the unfailing ability of our Head of Institution Mr. S. Deb, Principal and his fittest team of dedicated teachers, who have surpassed all the benchmarks by bringing historic results year on year since he took the reins of the Institution. So my advice to all of you is: be positive, consistent and composed while writing the examinations. I would like to reiterate that you should lay emphasis on improving your communication skills. One should be able to listen effectively, speak fluently and clearly, write well and read in language(s) they are familiar with. Therefore good reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are essential if tasks are going to be completed and goals achieved.

I would conclude my address quoting one of my fondest quotes by the Late Dhirubhai Ambani who said:

“Our dreams have to be bigger,Our ambitions higher,Our commitment deeper andOur efforts greater !“

This is my dream for the Budding Buds.Together we can, and shall realize our dreams, Ishwara Sankalpa, Insha Allah, God Willing.

With best wishes,

CA, Shree Ram Agarwal,

Founder Manager.