School will remain CLOSED on 13-12-2017

General information for parents during a declared Bandh

BANDH has probably been declared on 13-12-2017. In case of any Bandh being declared by any organisation and for this reason, if the teachers are not able to turn up for duty, we will be bound to keep the school closed in prior anticipation of such matters.

Parents are required to decide the risk factors at their OWN LEVELS before sending their children to school on such or any other related ocassions and school administration will never be responsible for any unexpected and untoward incident(s) (God forbid). At times some parents tell us that their children create problems for them in case they stay at home and due to this, those parents want their children to go to school daily. This is very unfortunate and those concerned parents should desist from such activities.

In case school remains open, it does not necessarily mean that students have to be compulsorily sent to school. Since SAFETY ALWAYS COMES FIRST, all risk factors and threat perceptions must be assessed by parents at their OWN levels before sending their children to school during such Bandhs, etc.

In case students are absent on such a day, they won't miss anything as attendance will not get affected. Academics also won't get affected.

Besides this, no weekly tests are held on such days as per information provided in School Calendar. However, in case of Summative / Half Yearly & Annual Examinations & Pre-Board Examinations, necessary information / NOTICE will be given through school website ONLY.

Phone calls will generally NOT be attended on such days as staff also come late.


However, anticipating a shortage of teachers due to the 'bandh call', we have decided to keep our school closed on 13-12-2017.